A Proven Track Record of Success


We have been working with municipalities with much success.  We provide them the added tools and knowledge to overcome environmental and legal issues, turning assets into tangible revenues, guiding economic development initiatives and making them more efficient in their operation and management.

Economic Development

We have assisted developers in getting through the permitting process on the local, state and federal level, whether it be for approvals for over 250 units of rental housing to key federal approvals for a project valued at close to $2 billion dollars.

RCM Ceberio has provided information and guidance to developers regarding prime locations for future development. They were given the opportunity to review pertinent data about the site and were provided with an avenue for discussions with key decision makers as to whether the project was acceptable. 

Business Development 

Whether a start-up business or an established company trying a new market or approach, we have assisted companies large and small to move them into a position of success. From software and hardware to construction to environmental remediation companies, we have been able to open markets they were never involved with before.  

Government Affairs

RCM Ceberio has been a voice for clients on both state and federal levels, especially involving environmental projects and regulatory decisions. We have the expertise to craft a strategy for results.